Get ready for summer's braai sensations!


We sell and install top quality freestanding and built in Braais and Pizza Ovens from reputable brands like Kamado JAN and Firefox. You can have your dream braai area with the perfect unit suited to your lifestyle. We help you with the specification process and install to your desired finish and design.


Our fireplace range contains the best selection of high quality gas, wood and pellet fireplaces hand picked from suppliers across Europe.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fireplace and gas industries we can guarantee the best result for your home or commercial installations.


We are accredited with various regulatory institutions and standards control entities such as the LPG Association of SA and Calore Fireplaces and our team is trained according to European standards. We have logged thousands of registered gas installations with the LPG association over our years in the business.

Our Brands

We are agents for multiple reputable brands like Calore Fireplaces, Godin, Carbel and many more. Our relationships with our brand partners  built over two decades have given us direct insights to international trends and understanding of the products we retail.

Offering you high level peace of mind when choosing us as your preferred supplier and installer is of utmost importance to us, for this reason we only partner with the best.

More Than 20 Years Experience

Quality, safety and professionalism paired with excellent after sales service is our promise to you. With years of retail and specialist installation experience in our field we are confident in our knowledge of products and our skillfully crafted custom work.

Economical Pellet Fireplaces

Pellet fireplaces are highly efficient and fully automatic, programmable heating systems. They utilise wood pellets as fuel which is very economical, easy to handle and store and produce high heat outputs without harming the environment. Piazzetta pellet fireplaces guarantee a long burn time with a thermostatically controlled self-regulated capacity as well as practical programming management. The user can set the desired room temperature and the fireplace will then automatically adjust its output in order to maintain the temperature selected. Pellet fireplaces can also be programmed to turn on and off at set times. They are very easy to use and require very little maintenance.

Multifire Ductable Heating

Piazzetta’s Multifuoco System© distributes heat evenly throughout the room maintaining an ideal temperature from the floor to the ceiling. The Multifuoco System© draws hot air from the ceiling level which is then channelled through a built in heating cavity located at the rear of the firebox, where it is super-heated and then re-distributed via a fan on the floor level. This system also allows for the hot air to be distributed to multiple rooms via ducting – up to 16m away from the unit.